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Types of Promotional Paper Handbags

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Types of Promotional Paper Handbags

Packaging with handbags, in addition to being easy to move around, also helps with your brand advertising. Advertising Handbags that are made of paper are divided into different types based on the type of paper, complementary services, design and color, and so on.

Here are some common types of paper handbags.


Types of Promotional Paper Handbags


Kraft Handbags

This handbag is made of kraft paper. The biggest advantage of this handbag is its very reasonable price. But handbags with kraft paper have a low resistance. The usual weight of paper used to make handbags is 70 to 120 grams. For this reason, before designing and making handbags with kraft paper, it is necessary to determine the product that is to be carried with the handbag, so that the manufacturer knows whether the handbag with kraft paper can withstand the product or not. This strength can be increased with additional services such as cellophane. Kraft paper handbags are also limited in color composition and are often printed in a single color and ultimately two colors. These craft paper handbags are commonly used for gift handbags and promotional gifts.

Goldsmithing and Silversmithing Handbags

This handbag is not important in terms of paper material, but what sets it apart from other handbags is the complementary services. Additional services are provided in the printing office after the design is completed. Before completing the gold or silver engraving service, it is necessary to apply a layer of cellophane on the printed handbag to increase the beauty of goldsmithing and silversmithing in addition to strength. Matte cellophane is usually used to enhance this beauty. For special and special handbags, curving services along with goldsmithing and silversmithing are sometimes used to enhance the beauty.


Types of Promotional Paper Handbags


Metallic Handbags

These handbags also have additional metallic paint services. The only difference is that additional services are provided before the printing stage. A layer of metallic paint is placed on the handbag before printing and the effect of the printed design is doubled. In addition, this metallic handbag is used in special occasions and special gifts, because this metallic color gives a special luxury look to the handbag.

Writing Paper Handbags

Writing papers are used to make this handbag. This paper is used in high weights and cardboard for handbags. The usual weights of writing paper are 200 grams, 230 grams, 300 grams, and so on. There is no limit to the number of color restrictions and additional services on a handbag with writing paper.


Types of Promotional Paper Handbags


Glossy Handbags

These handbags are made of glossy paper. Glossy papers themselves have two types of matte and glossy. These papers are the best and most luxurious papers for making handbags, which are used for fancy and luxury bags. There are no restrictions on additional services and the number of colors in the glossy handbags. The usual weight for making glossy handbags is 150, 170, 250, 300, etc., and they can be made in unusual dimensions.

Choosing each of these promotional handbags depends on the type of application and the product to be shipped.

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