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Types of Note Sheets

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Types of Note Sheets

Notes are one of the cheap office supplies that are Designed and Printed in various sizes from small to large. Notes are one of the most widely used office supplies. This notes, which has a high amount of use in offices, is designed and printed in different types depending on the type of consumption and use. In the following, we will review the types of note sheets.

Types of Note Sheets


Sticky Note Sheets

Notes of any kind can be designed and printed as adhesive backs. The sticky notes are the kind that a clear layer of glue is placed on one side and multiplying its functionality. These sheets are connected to each other and do not spread, and are easily separated from each other and stick to the surfaces. The order of these notes is higher and they are not distributed in the drawer and table. These notes have been used since ancient times and used papyrus instead of glue.

One of the uses of sticky notes is to use them on surfaces that cannot be written. You can stick sticky notes on the boxes, bottles, etc., and write down information. Sticky note can be used in a printing machine depending on the type and material of their paper, which increases their functionality.

Sticky note sheets are made of different types of writing paper, glossy, linen, etc. in different weights.


Types of Note Sheets


Fantasy Note Sheets

Fancy note sheets are usually custom designed and limited in their use. The letterheads are not used in the design of these notes, but fantasy and bright colors are used in designing. These colorful and special sheets are usually delivered to the customer to have a more beautiful and elegant look. A variety of papers are used to make fantasy note sheets, but glossy papers are more commonly used.

Desktop Note Sheets

Desktop note sheets are usually designed for employees. These notes are designed and printed in the form of adhesives, springs, etc., and to use them, a separate index is required to install the sheet on them. Desktop notes can be printed exclusively, fantasy, calendar, etc. Desktop Notepads are excellent parts in promotional gifts and will make your audience think about your brand several times a day.


Types of Note Sheets


Promotional Note Sheets

These notebooks are the most widely used notes in office sets­­. These sheets are usually printed with the design of office sets and letterheads. Company name, brand, logo, sometimes contact information are placed on these notes. These notes are also printed as promotional gifts and are used in advertising sets, exhibitions, etc. Promotional notes can be printed in fantasy, sticky, springy, and more. Advertising notes are one of the cheapest advertising tools that are most used by people. The use of an advertising note in a company makes the business more professional than any other topic. A variety of papers of different weights are used to design and print promotional note sheets. The dimensions of these note sheets can be A6, A5, A4, ... or even exclusive and any dimensions.

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