The most audible way of communicating with today's world, is the art of written language. The best and most successful way in this regard is advertising with new idea. Tarh Heram institute with a decade of brilliant backgrounds and continuous advertising activity, has succeeded in fulfilling its goals in regard of the customer's needs in the light of experienced consultants and engineers, art and creativity, and utilizing the most modern printing machine. On the other hand, with the introduction of new designs, the institute has become one of the best service centers in the field of advertising. The Tarh Heram Institute has been able to play an important role in increasing the quality of advertising by taking advantage of advertising consulting, graphic design, offset and digital printing, digital photography and exhibitory structures.

  • Graphic Design
  • Offset & Digital printing
  • Packaging design & production
  • Printing in interior & exterior areas
  • Exhibitory structures
  • Industrial Photography
  • Design & constructing of exhibitory booths
  • Promotional gifts