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Quality of Office Envelope Printing

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Quality of Office Envelope Printing

Given that office letter envelopes are not just a protector for letters and represent your brand like an ambassador, the quality of printing in these envelopes is important. Compliance with envelope size standards and cutting locations is done in the design stage, but its implementation is done in the printing house and in the printing stage. The envelopes are printed in black and white and in color. The color printing of these letter envelopes is usually up to five colors, and additional services such as goldsmithing, silversmithing, prominent logos, etc. are also done after printing in the printing office.


Quality of Office Envelope Printing


The quality of printing office letter envelopes depends on various factors, in addition to the printing devices and the quality of the ink and color used in them, the type of paper used in the envelope is also very important.

80g writing envelopes are thin envelopes that are usually printed in three sizes: A4, A5 and locust. Printing of these papers is done in 4 colors and 5 colors, usually the margin and the safe space for this paper from the place of cutting are usually considered 5 mm.

100g writing paper is another popular type of office letter envelope and has a higher thickness and durability than previous paper. This paper is very useful for A4 and A5 sizes and 4 to 5 colors can be printed on this paper.

For A3 size envelopes, 120 grams of writing paper is usually used so that the final quality of the envelope is not reduced. Of course, other sizes can also be printed with this paper.

Glossy papers are another type of paper used to make letter envelopes. But because these papers are glossy, they have few fans. These papers are usually used in weights of 135 g and are used for special envelopes. The print quality on glossy 135 g paper is very high and they have the highest number of prints in A5 and A4 sizes.

Linen paper is another popular type of paper for envelopes. Because linen papers have textures, it is very common to write on them. Linen paper 120 grams has the highest consumption for printing envelopes. Linen paper 120 grams is mostly used for printing A5, A4 and A3 letter envelopes.


Quality of Office Envelope Printing


Cardboard papers, because they are in the group of thick papers, the envelopes made of them are also thicker than other papers. To make cardboard letter envelopes, 140 grams of cardboard paper is used. The interesting thing about these papers is that because these papers and their envelopes are thick, the doors of these envelopes are usually designed in Japanese. The print quality of these envelopes is high and the color used in them is much more colorful than other envelopes. The most popular sizes of these envelopes are A4, A5 and locust letters.

Another paper used to make envelope envelopes is kraft paper. Kraft papers are made of different and special materials and their biggest advantage is their reasonable price for making envelopes. The most common kraft paper used in envelope making is 80 g kraft paper. But one of the features of kraft paper that reduces the spread of the use of these papers is the color of these papers, which is a bit dark. The color used on these papers should be bright and dark.

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