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Shopping Bag

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Shopping Bag

Shopping Bags are baggage items that are very common nowadays. In fact, when you go shopping you need a shopping bag to carry your products. The use of plain plastic bags used previously is slowly decreasing. Because it does not look attractive and is not environmentally friendly, this is one of the factors limiting the use of these plastic bags. Shopping Bags are often made from natural materials and paper that make them environmentally friendly. These products, in addition to meeting the customer's need to carry the product, are also considered to be a mobile advertising billboard. For this reason, companies are focusing on printing and producing their own Shopping Bags, which are widely used in advertising, as well as attracting customer satisfaction through their formality, also allowing them to use these Shopping Bags to comfortably carry their lightweight equipment. 


Shopping Bag


Printing and Production of Shopping Bag

The printed design on Shopping Bags is very important because of the importance of advertising and attracting customers' tastes and it is very important to choose the right design before printing and producing it!

Shopping Bags are made in two ways. The first is by machine. In this method the accuracy and fineness of the work is very high, but it must be noted that there are limitations to this method. Including that the size selection is limited and you can't customize the Shopping Bags in different sizes. In the production of machine-made Shopping Bags, the design is first printed on paper, then hand-made, and all steps are performed by machine.


Shopping Bag


The second method is the manual. In the manual method, the design you want would be printed on the Shopping Bag paper, cellophane or etc. and then it goes to the production phase. In this section, Shopping Bags are made by hand and you can choose your own size. It should be noted, however, that the speed of operation and cost are lower in machine method.


Shopping Bag


In the case of printing Shopping Bags, the point is that the higher the number of your printing products, the less cost you'll pay. But in the general form, because the printing conditions are the same, such as the weight of the paper or the number of common colors and so on, the cost is actually split on all the customers who order that model and your cost goes down. In proprietary term, your Shopping Bag should have a high circulation in order to the cost would be acceptable, but sometimes the customer is sensitive about color and accepts that in return for paying a small amount, have the color he/she want.

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