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Digital Printing of Note Sheets

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Digital Printing of Note Sheets

Notes are one of the most widely used and inexpensive office stationery. Since people are in contact with this software several times a day, it is better to have a high Print quality so that the audience does not get tired of using it. One of the highest quality types of note printing is digital printing. Digital printing is done by digital devices. In the following, we will introduce the steps of digital printing of note sheets.

For digital printing, it is better to have a digital design. Photoshop, Illustrator, Corel, AutoCAD, etc. software is usually used to design notebooks. Their files are saved in TIFF, PDF, JPEG, etc. formats and sent to the printer. In the printing office, in the first place, the dimensions of the note sheet, the type of paper, the one-sided and two-sidedness of the note sheet are examined.


Digital Printing of Note Sheets


In digital printing machines, the graphic design is bitmaped. This means that the color points of the design are coded so that the design file is coded. This is done by laser printing machine. This digital encoding is based on a positive electric charge. The toners and colors of the digital device that perform the printing operation are negatively charged by the device. These positive codes absorb negative colors and the design is printed on the drum of the digital device. In fact, with this operation, the digital design of the note sheet is transferred from the computer to the printing machine. Now the design of the note sheet of the device should be printed on paper. To do this, the paper receives a stronger electric charge, with the paper becoming electrically charged, the colors of the device are transferred to the paper, and finally the printing operation is performed. Colored materials are not yet fixed when they are printed on paper and will spread if they encounter an obstacle. To stabilize these printed colors, the note sheets pass through the heat and pressure chamber and the paint penetrates into the tissue of the paper. With these steps, a digital image from the computer is printed on the paper by the device.


Digital Printing of Note Sheets


The digital device must be empty of colors and toners in order to reprint. This operation is known as discharge and is done by special lamps.

In the next step, additional services are performed on the note sheets. Additional services include goldsmithing, silversmithing, UV, cellophane, embossing, etc. Additional services are not common on note sheets at all and are used for promotional gifts and special occasions. This step comes at a separate cost.

After this step, the printed sheet enters the cutting and folding stage. Notes are cut at this stage, which is very sensitive. Error in it eliminates the quality and accuracy of all previous steps and reduces the quality of the final product.

To create notebooks after this step, the sheets are sometimes glued and then the notebooks begin to bind. To bind, the sheet is first glued, wired or sewn, and finally the cover is added to the set of leaves. 

To determine the price of digital design and printing of note sheets or notebooks of all these steps, their costs are calculated separately. Variety in size, variety in the type of paper, variety in the number of colors in the design, variety in binding and complementary services are the main factors in determining the price of making notes.