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Digital Letterhead Printing

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Digital Letterhead Printing

Letterheads are very important administrative sheets in which contracts, administrative and official letters are typed. In designing the letterheads, the company logo must be considered so that the main identity of the company is clear. In addition to Advertising for the company, this work brings transparency in the company's work. One of the advantages of using a letterhead is that it allows you to track more stable administrative correspondence. In designing the letterhead, after the logo, date, attachment number, address and telephone number must be mentioned. All of this on top of your letterhead will make your brand more effective.


Digital Letterhead Printing


It is very important to know the quality and type of paper that you use to print your letterhead and what is the quality of its printing because the high quality of printing the letterhead and its paper material makes it profitable and makes your work more trustworthy. One of the prominent features of digital printing is the high quality of printing. Therefore, digital letterhead printing is very important. Another feature of digital letterhead printing is that this type of letterhead printing is printed up to the edge of the paper and without white border. And this doubles the beauty of the printed leaf head. The standard dimensions for digital printing of letterheads are usually A4 (21*7.9) and 21*14.8 and are mostly used for office correspondence. In countries such as the United States, Canada and Mexico, the standard Letter is common 8.5 by 11.0 inches (215.9 by 279.4 millimeters).


Digital Letterhead Printing


One of the features added to some letterheads is the sticking of the top of the letterheads pages. These letterheads are not suitable for office letters that are placed in the envelope. These adhesive letterheads are usually printed in small sizes and are not used in office transactions.

Advantages of Digital Letterhead Printing

The time to prepare a letterhead with digital printing is very short and it is very suitable for organizations that are in a hurry.

Low-print digital printing is also possible, so it is suitable for companies that need a small number of letterheads.

Letterhead designers need to see their designed samples. Therefore, digital letterheads printing design is the best option.


Digital Letterhead Printing


What's So Significant About a Digital Letterhead Printing?

When digitally printing letterheads, the design file provided to the printer must have special features to increase print quality. These include:

• The design file must be set to 300 dpi

• Color settings in the designed file must be set to CMYK mode

• In some cases, you need to convert the font to a shape so that there is no problem in changing the font in the printing process.

To make it easier for you to design letterheads, designers use a variety of software such as Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, or CorelDraw. The above software has a wide range of tools and facilities in the field of design, and the graphic designer can better implement the desired design.


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