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Digital Personnel Card Printing

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Digital Personnel Card Printing

Identification cards carry a wealth of important information and are one of the most important assets of individuals. Personnel cards are used in different places, such as: ID card, bank card, student card, etc. Personnel Cards are used frequently and therefore must be highly resistant. On the other hand, personal cards must be printed with the highest quality, which is why PVC cards with digital printing are used. These cards must have the highest resolution to show the highest quality information and photos of the people who are printed on it. The standard dimensions of the digital printing of the personnel card on the standard PVC paper are 86 × 54 mm and its thickness is 760 microns (0.76 mm). Digital printing of a personnel card is done in two ways, sometimes the information on the cards is fixed and sometimes the information on the cards is variable.


Digital Personnel Card Printing


Different Methods of Personnel Card Printing

In general, offset printing is used to print personnel cards that do not have variable information (in high circulation). This print is affordable for high circulation, but keep in mind that the information provided by these cards does not require high quality. Of course, digital printing is the best option for personnel cards. PVC card printers are used digitally if the information to be printed on each card is variable (such as name and image on ID cards). The following two mechanisms are used in printing by these devices:

Thermal Direct Printing

Indirect Printing (Re-Transfer Printing)

In the direct thermal printing mechanism, the printer head is placed directly on the ribbon and card, and the colors sit on the card due to the heat of the head. The ribbon used consists of 4 colored YMCK layers and one overlay.

In the indirect printing mechanism, the image is printed by the head on the film and then transferred from the film to the card. Indirect printing is more expensive than direct printing and has a higher durability and print quality.

Different Types of Personal Cards with Digital Printing

Depending on the type of application, PVC personnel cards, which are printed digitally, have a variety of data storage types, the following are just a few of them.

Simple cards (Blank)

Magnetic cards: Like bank cards with magnetic strips

RFID cards (Contactless): Cards with internal radio chips, like the metro card (RFID chips include two types of non-contact Mifare, EM 125 KHz).

Smart Card: Has visible electronic chips like a fuel card


Digital Personnel Card Printing


Features of Personnel Cards with Digital Printing

Personnel cards with digital printing, which are made of PVC, must have the highest quality, and this quality is provided by observing standards. The following standards are:

Card thickness: 760 microns
Card dimensions: 85mm * 54mm
Card type: pvc
Print circulation: 1 to 2%
Print Delivery Time: Immediate, because digital prints means immediate prints

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